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QENDO to Acquire Queensland Startup ‘Manage Endo’

BRISBANE, Queensland. (11 August, 2019) - QENDO today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Bundaberg based Queensland startup Manage Endo. Manage Endo was built by entrepreneur Morgahna Godwin to manage the painful condition endometriosis

QENDO chair Jessica Taylor is excited to add Manage Endo to QENDO’s arsenal for helping those affected by endometriosis. QENDO is an Australian based registered charity that has been advocating for those with endometriosis for over 30 years. 

“QENDO have worked tirelessly for the past 30 years to advocate and provide support for those with endometriosis,” said QENDO chairperson Jessica Taylor. “QENDO is constantly seeking to strengthen the mental, physical, and digital support options for those affected by endometriosis.” Ms Taylor said.

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 Australian and New Zealand females, or more broadly, 176 million females worldwide; moreover, endometriosis comes at an economic cost to Australia of $7.4 billion per year (Ernst & Young, 2019).  

Manage Endo was born out of Ms. Godwin’s own lived experience with the disease. After suffering with stage four (severe) endometriosis most of her life Ms. Godwin sought about finding a lifestyle balance to manage her endometriosis symptoms. 

Ms. Godwin, with a background in economics and graphic design, built a simple tracking management system that allowed her to see the effects of manipulating certain lifestyle inputs to decrease pain symptoms and increase quality of life. 

As a result Ms Godwin was able to stop taking prescription painkillers and live a dramatically improved life, “I started to think, that if this could work so well for me, maybe it could work for some of the other 176 million females who live with this debilitating disease.”

Ms Godwin is excited to see Manage Endo acquired by an organisation that is led by ambitious and driven female leaders. “I am excited for Manage Endo to be part of QENDO’s relentless quest to transform the lives of those living with endometriosis. Manage Endo gives QENDO the capability to scale their impact and reach a global audience in their mission to help all affected by endometriosis.” 

Ms Godwin acknowledges the incredible support of the Queensland State Government’s Advance Queensland initiative in helping to build her as a founder and entrepreneur. 

“The Advance Queensland team have been instrumental in helping me to create and leverage opportunities as a founder and business.” 

“The HOTDESQ program, initiated by Advance Queensland, allowed me to connect with incredible international founders who have shaped my perspective and helped me to navigate this complex startup world. The ability to call on experienced founders is absolutely invaluable.”

Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp said, “It’s fantastic that entrepreneurs like Morgahna Godwin build purpose led businesses. I know Morgahna explored global markets and developed her company over a long period of time so I’m thrilled to see this announcement and her ongoing commitment to see the company thrive.”

Ms Godwin will continue to remain involved with the development of Manage Endo by filling an advisory role with QENDO.